Anorectal and Genital Pathology

Unfortunately, today, in developed societies like ours, pathology of the anus and rectum is becoming more common. Changes in diet and lifestyle have led to increased cases of chronic constipation which favors the appearance of fissures, hemorrhoids, anorectal fistulas and other processes that cause pain, irritation, discomfort and even hygiene difficulties in one of the most delicate areas of the skin.

Patología Ano-Rectal y Genital en Instituto Jesús Lago

Add to that the lack of awareness among the population regarding these issues and the difficulty some people have in discussing their problem with the right professional and the patient becomes a silent sufferer of a pathology that can usually be solved quickly, often with simple measures.

Do ointments serve to treat proctology ?

Unfortunately, ointments are not the most appropriate method to treat hemorrhoids as they keep the anal area moist, favoring the colonization of fungi. Most hemorrhoid ointments contain substances called corticoids as an active ingredient. Corticoids decrease immunity at the site of application. Ointments do not cure hemorrhoids, though they can sometimes help to relieve symptoms. As a temporary solution, we recommend careful hygiene in the affected area, sitz baths and control at meals to prevent constipation.

Do ointments serve to treat anal fissures ?

This is perhaps the only exception, as it has been demonstrated that the application of an ointment medication to relax the sphincter of the anus, relieves pain and allows the fissure to heal. In any case, it is important to follow the advice of the proctology specialist as all ointments do not serve the same purpose and it is important to understand that they are medications and must be prescribed by the physician according to their purpose for each proctologic process. Otherwise, you can produce a chronic anorectal disease and the condition will worsen.

What are hemorrhoids ?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus that eventually form sacs which are usually grouped in three bundles.

There are internal hemorrhoids, located inside the anus, which can prolapse, and external hemorrhoids, which are located around the anus and are always visible.

The most common complications are bleeding, ulceration and thrombosis; the latter is extremely painful. Currently it is thought that hemorrhoids can be the consequence of a rectum descent, which would act as a trigger for the formation of these venous sacs. Hence Dr. Longo proposes to treat hemorrhoids in the same way as a rectal prolapse. This hemorrhoid treatment is known as Longo's hemorrhoidopexy and the post-operative is much more comfortable than the post-operative of traditional surgery.

What is the best treatment for hemorrhoids ?

Currently, the best treatment is surgery, where hemorrhoids are permanently removed. However, some cases can be treated in outpatient appointments, without surgery, by sclerosis, or with banding, which is also an effective and permanent treatment. Ointments never cure hemorrhoids.

What is an anal fissure ?

It is an ulceration of the anal mucosa that is very painful and often chronic. When the fissure is severe, it can be treated effectively with medication and botulinum toxin. However, if we allow time to pass without treatment, the fissure becomes chronic and can only be treated with surgery.

What are fistulas? Why do they appear?

Around the anus we have many glands that, if infected, may form an abscess (an accumulation of pus).

The accumulation of pus can be removed by draining (opening) the area, but in some cases, if the source of the infection is in the rectum and the rectum connects with the external drainage area, stool can filter through this channel or fistula. This is a very unpleasant problem, and surgery is needed to fix it.

Is the postoperative process of anorectal pathology painful ?

It is not painful if the proper techniques are chosen and performed by surgeons specialized in these treatments. Furthermore, it is not always necessary to treat the disease with surgery. There are alternative techniques that are highly effective, such as the anal muscles relaxers or botulinum toxin in the case of fissures and bands or sclerosis in the case of hemorrhoids. In the case of hemorrhoids, if surgery is needed, there are modern techniques such as the Longo technique to provide the patient a more comfortable and faster post-operatory.

Our proctology unit has been developed to provide a rapid solution to these problems and avoid prolonging unnecessary discomfort. We prioritize the comfort of our patients and ensure that they are all treated with the care and respect that these conditions require. By the end of each patient´s appointment, he or she will have an accurate diagnosis and all the information needed to decide on the best treatment that can be offered through outpatient appointments, at home or in the hospital, depending on the particular case.

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