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The Jesus Lago Institute was founded on Dr. Lago’s 14 years of the experience in the area of obesity. Dr. Lago has specialized in instrumental procedures for obesity since finishing his training as a specialist in gastrointestinal surgery.

Why is specialization specifically in instrumental procedures and obesity surgery necessary ?

Unidad de Obesidad del Instituto Jesús Lago

The answer is simple. Obesity surgery and any instrumental obesity procedure involves great technical difficulty due to the general situation of the patients. The fact that the patient is overweight and has an accumulation of fat in areas such as the upper abdomen increases the level of technical difficulty compared to other surgeries.

Therefore, before submitting to any instrumental obesity procedure, it must be ensured that the surgeon or the specialist providing the treatment has proven experience in this field. If so, the risks are minimal with optimal results. Conversely, if the specialist does not have proven experience in the field, the patient would be exposed to unnecessary risks.

Why submit to surgery ?

Many patients ask this question. Why submit to obesity surgery if in most cases we do not feel sick? The answer here is simple: because actually, they really are sick, even if they are not aware of it.

Nowadays, there are countless studies showing that an obese patient is a person with an alteration in the normal physiology of the organism. This has been proven by the measurement of many indicators which show that the obese patient's body is kept in a chronic inflammatory condition that can cause improper scarring, hypertension, diabetes, high susceptibility to infections and which can even lead to cancer.

For these reasons, the life of an obese patient is shorter than the life of a person without obesity.

The conclusion is simple: in the hands of an experienced surgeon the risks of any instrumental procedure are minimal, compared with the risks of obesity itself.

Health records show the effectiveness of surgery in the control of obesity and related risk factors.

Sweden, a developed European country, has shown that surgery removes the risk factors and improves our quality of life and life expectancy. Sweden is the country with the best health record across the European Union. There is a common national registry where all patient diagnoses, surgical procedures performed and their risk factors are recorded. This allows for a detailed analysis of the results of obesity surgeries. Based on this registry, a prominent scientific publication has shown that patients who have undergone surgery for obesity have a quality of life and life expectancy equal to that of the non-obese population.

In other words, surgery not only allows them to maintain a normal weight, it also offers the same life expectancy as if they had never been obese.

Obesity is more harmful to our health than smoking or excess alcohol. The increase in chronic conditions due to obesity shortens life expectancy by about 20 years. In Europe, one in five middle-age adults is obese. In Spain, 15.5% of adults are obese.

Causes of Obesity

The causes of obesity are diverse and, in many cases, there is a combination of several of them, so treatment needs to be approached from various perspectives.

The causes may be genetic, physiological, behavioral, sex-related, psychosocial, socioeconomic, etc..

All these factors - medical, nutritional and psychological - force us to approach the problem from different perspectives; therefore, a multidisciplinary treatment, in which we not only perform an instrumental procedure but also carry out long-term monitoring to help the patient down a new path towards being thin forever, is necessary.

The Jesús Lago Institute leads the fight against obesity

For the aforementioned reasons, and due to the vast experience of our institute´s professional team, we offer the most innovative techniques in obesity treatment, achieving results comparable to those of the best European and American centers, and the best post-surgical monitoring to help each patient achieve his goal.

Post-monitoring influences final results

Post-monitoring influences final results enormously, and this is the Achilles heel of many institutes and even of many good surgeons who leave the patients without this monitoring after surgery. Any interventional treatment should involve thorough monitoring; its absence not only puts the patient at risk, but also makes it difficult to achieve good results.

Quality monitoring is, therefore, responsible for at least half of the results that we obtain from the procedure performed. For this reason, at the Jesús Lago Institute, we take special care to frequently follow up with each of our patients, not only to make any necessary adjustments in the case of gastric bands, but also to monitor their general progress and help control new eating habits, new lifestyle habits and proper weight loss, all associated with a better quality of life.

A technique for each patient.

Because each patient is different, at the Jesús Lago Institute we personalize every patient´s treatment and determine which technique is the most appropriate for each person.

We perform the following techniques, among others:

Gastric Band – Gastric By-Pass - Sleeve - Laparoscopic Surgery

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