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masculinisation feminisation

Mammoplasty masculinization
to transsexual man: 5.500 €

Vaginoplasty feminization
for transsexual women: 12.000 €

Gastric by pass for morbid obesity: 12.000 €

Sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity: 9.950 €

In this price are included the costs of hospitalization, the rights to use the operating room for surgery, the medical and surgical crew fees, the physician anesthesiologist fees, the 2 weeks hospital stay, the one week stay in a 4 star hotel in front of the hospital after have been discharged, the follow up in the course of two years and a 24-hour telephone number for 2 years for consultations or emergencies.

Clínica Fuensanta
Miembro SECE
Centro autorizado por la Comunidad de Madrid
Miembro SECO
Miembro SEEDO
AE Cirujanos
World Professional Association for Transgender Health
European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery

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