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masculinisation feminisation

Mammoplasty masculinization
to transsexual man: 5.500 €

Vaginoplasty feminization
for transsexual women: 12.000 €

Gastric by pass for morbid obesity: 12.000 €

Sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity: 9.950 €

In this price are included the costs of hospitalization, the rights to use the operating room for surgery, the medical and surgical crew fees, the physician anesthesiologist fees, the 2 weeks hospital stay, the one week stay in a 4 star hotel in front of the hospital after have been discharged, the follow up in the course of two years and a 24-hour telephone number for 2 years for consultations or emergencies.

Clínica Fuensanta
Miembro SECE
Centro autorizado por la Comunidad de Madrid
Miembro SECO
Miembro SEEDO
AE Cirujanos
World Professional Association for Transgender Health

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